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With flexibility, power and transparency, Commercial Cloud will drive business agility and performance with resource-efficient, highly-customisable solutions.

For flexibility in your cloud solutions, commercial cloud gives you multiple customisable options – for example, local or SAN storage, charged by month or year. All while being completely integrated with your system. Tap into the massive power of cloud computing with customisable configuration for your servers, computing cores, RAM and storage. It’s all in your hands. Transparency is key for every business – view and track your virtual servers exact location, storage scheme and cost of operations. Make the Cloud yours today.

Flexibility: configure your cloud to your specific needs with options for pricing, storage and tenancy
Power: ensure your hardware supports and boosts your software with configurations for computing cores, RAM and storage
Transparency: visibility into key metrics such as server location, storage schema and cost of operations for ease of mind

Managed Cloud Services

Enjoy peace of mind and convenience with our managed cloud services – teams of professionals work together to manage your solution so that you can focus on doing what you do best. Our network is managed by a team of trained Cisco and Huawei engineers, and security is taken care of by a team of security professionals trained in intrusion detection. System engineers join them in working to ensure high availability and performance for your VM (virtual machines). We make sure that all your information is mirrored – captured, backed up and restored. All of this is monitored closely by experts, round the clock, every day of the year, ensuring that we deliver on our promise of 99.99% uptime.