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Expect the unexpected – be prepared to respond quickly to disasters with fully-equipped facilities and ensure seamless business and IT continuity.

In this volatile time and age, every business should have robust disaster recovery infrastructure in place – except that it’s not always feasible to have one inhouse. With our SS507 certified Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, we ensure not only IT, but also business continuity with our dedicated 240-seat Work Area Recovery facility. With many successful exercises conducted annually, you can be sure that we’ve got your back when things get rough.
Certified expertise: SS507 certified for disaster recovery services

Support: business and IT continuity consultancy to ensure strong back-up plans in place
Facilities: supports over 240-seat Work Area Recovery with over many exercises conducted successfully every year
Acclivis and Equinix Inc have joined hands to set up the Equinix-Acclivis Business Resiliency Centre to provide both technical and business continuity services. Customers will now get comprehensive, end-to-end hosting and multi-cloud connectivity from Day One.
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“Disaster recovery capabilities are key for us and the solution was customised to our needs. We are confident that our DR facilities will be well-maintained just in case we need them.”
Site-to-site VPN connecting 8 regional offices to the Disaster Recovery site for a Global Medical Equipment Manufacturer

 “Extremely fast and reliable data replication. Strong infrastructure and processes in place for us to engage.”
Dedicated equipment and replication in regular intervals for a Global Financial Services Company

“Our account manager was a great help in making the migration process seamless.”
Dedicated equipment and replication in regular intervals for a Global Oil and Petroleum Company